Welcome at Creepy Creatures

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Danitscia and Omar are the faces behind Creepy Creatures, due to their shared love for
animals they decided to explore the wonderful world of reptiles. Soon our little family of
animals started growing, as we decided to start breeding reptiles.
Our main focus is New Caledonian gecko species, especially the crested gecko. During the
years of keeping and breeding reptiles we decided to attend at reptile expos. We have
always loved expos, sharing our love for animals has always been one of our favorite parts of
the hobby.
After a few shows we decided to also bring (handmade) items with us, such as keychains,
bracelets and others! We noticed how many people loved our products, making us expand
our inventory even more. Another love of ours is crystals, we decided to bring a few to one
of the expos and people loved it!
Together we decided in the beginning of 2022 to make our small business more known by
making a website, so people all over the world can read about our animals/products and
purchase products if they’d like to.